Why don’t we have a fair trial in Canada?

On March 6, 2019, a jury in the capital city of Ottawa convicted two Canadians, Julian Assange and Julian Assange II, of espionage for releasing classified US military and intelligence information to WikiLeaks.Julian Assange was sentenced to two years in prison and is currently under house arrest.Julian Julian Assange, the British man accused of being […]

How to protect yourself from child labor laws

How do you protect yourself if your child is being exploited in a factory?There are many different types of laws you might be aware of.These laws are enforced by the Labor Standards Administration (LSA), the United States Department of Labor (DOL), and a handful of state governments.But what are they all about?If you’re interested in […]

Fox News contributor says he’s not racist, but he believes ‘we are in a very big, scary world’

Fox News commentator and former U.S. Attorney Dana Milbank believes he’s “not racist” when he says he is “very comfortable” in his skin.Milbank made the remarks in an interview with conservative radio host Michael Savage, who aired them Wednesday night.Milbank also said he “absolutely” supports the U.N. resolution condemning the death of journalist James Foley.“You […]

Which is more dangerous: a deadly virus or a deadly flu?

The National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases released a study on Thursday that suggested people who are infected with the H5N1 avian flu could spread the virus to people they do not know.The study, published in the journal Emerging Infectious Infections, looked at how the H1N1 virus might spread in […]

What if martial law ended tomorrow?

If the United States of America was in the middle of a national emergency and its government were to declare martial law and close down, what would be the consequences?Would the lawlessness end?Would we still be allowed to practice our religion, practice our speech, practice certain professions?And would we still have access to the internet?This […]

When is an Indian not allowed to buy a gun?

The Delhi High Court on Thursday ordered a review of the Indian government’s ban on importation of firearms by foreigners and banned the importation into the country of firearms and ammunition for personal use, which it termed “the worst of laws”.The court said the government’s move was “the most severe” of its kind since it […]

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