Lexington, WV law makes rape a felony in Lexington

WV lawmakers are moving to toughen laws against sexual assault after lawmakers unanimously approved a measure Monday to make rape a crime in the city.Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Monday to pass a bill that would make rape punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.The new law would take […]

How Murphy’s Law is ruining business in the digital age

The law is being used to punish businesses that don’t comply with laws like privacy rules and digital rights.Murphy’s Law, introduced by former US senator Ron Wyden, aims to force businesses to get users’ permission before they share data with advertisers.Businesses are being told they have to get permission from users before using that data, […]

How Far is Faraday’s Law?

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is under fire for a tweet that was retweeted by the New York Times that was deemed “racist and insensitive.”Tebow was responding to a tweet from a user who said, “I can’t believe people like Tim Tebows, and the NFL, still think it’s OK to throw the footballs to […]

A New Law of Supply and Demand

The New York Times is reporting on the first ever cryptocurrency law, which states that:1) the supply of digital currencies must be limited to 10% of the total supply.2) no digital currency can be more than $100,000.3) digital currency cannot be used for anything but a purchase or a transfer of value.The article states that, […]

How a federal judge’s ruling will affect you

BERNARD BENFORD has a lot to do with the fate of his client.The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down part of a California law that requires a convicted felon to serve time in a halfway house before being eligible for release.The law, which took effect in November, was the first federal law aimed at helping […]

How to make sure you don’t get hit by a police car

The American Conservatives article A new law designed to prevent people from being hit by police cars has been met with outrage from activists and politicians who say it’s an infringement on their constitutional rights.The new law, which passed the House Judiciary Committee this week, requires law enforcement officers to give drivers the option of […]

How to find the 3rd law in your country

Posted October 24, 2018 04:37:10 While we don’t know what Kepler’s third Law is, we do know that it is the most important law in all of physics, and it is used by mathematicians to determine the size of an object in space.Kepler’s Law says that when two objects are in the same distance, the […]

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