When a natural law theory is invoked in the US

When a person who is a natural-law theorist is referred to as a “natural-law professor” or “natural law professor” the phrase “natural laws” is often used to refer to the laws that govern a person’s behavior.When that is done, it is not always clear how this phrase applies to natural law theories.Natural law theories were […]

Which Laws Apply to Dating Apps?

What laws apply to dating apps?This question has been posed on various forums, and has spawned countless discussions.We’ve tried to answer this question in a few ways, and have tried to give as much guidance as possible.Let’s get started!What Are Dating Apps Legal?Some courts have found that apps that collect data from users are in […]

The Second California Law: What you need to know

A bill that would expand California’s concealed carry law, and a measure that would make it easier for Californians to obtain concealed carry permits, passed the state Assembly on Wednesday.The measure would allow Californians over the age of 21 to carry concealed weapons without a permit, and make it a misdemeanor for a person under […]

How to Choose the Best Law School in the U.S.

Business law students, or BIOL, have a choice of three law schools that provide both business and undergraduate degrees.But in this guide to the best schools in the country, we look at the business school in each of the major cities of New York and Washington.1.Syracuse University School of Law Syracuse University Law School is […]

Katy Hamilton arrested on DWI charge in Houston

A Houston woman who has been charged with DWI after crashing her SUV into a gas station and then fleeing the scene, is in jail after she was pulled over and arrested Sunday evening, Houston police said.Katy Hamilton, 28, was taken into custody Sunday night and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving […]

Lawyer and actor Conway’s Law roach law

Conway’s law roaches are everywhere.In the United States, a federal law was passed in 2003 that makes it illegal to bring any cockroach into your home without the consent of a licensed exterminator.The law has made its way into states like Florida, California, and Nevada.But it is a bit of a mixed bag when it […]

How to Save Your Life with Newton’s 3D Law

A new law that could save your life or end your career is now in effect, thanks to a new article published in Entertainment Weekly.The new law was written by Harvard University law professor Frederick Law Olmsted in 1952.The law was named for Olmstead, who developed the idea of using the three-dimensional world of motion […]

How to keep your family safe after martial law

By the time President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in the Philippines on Tuesday, the government had already been forced to declare a nationwide state of emergency.The martial law was the most drastic response yet to the government’s bloody crackdown on drugs.The government said it had detained more than 3,000 people, mostly drug traffickers and […]

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