Georgia gun laws in flux

In a state where some gun owners are still waiting for the law to change, one gun owner in Georgia says he has found that even if he had a concealed carry permit, he may still be denied a permit to buy a gun because of the state’s gun laws.

Gun rights advocates in Georgia say they have seen more than 1,000 such applications since January, when the state enacted a new law.

The new law is set to take effect in July, but gun rights advocates are already working on an effort to push it through the Georgia Legislature this year.

Georgia lawmakers last week passed a law that allows concealed carry permits to be issued to those who live within 500 feet of a school, hospital, or any other place of worship.

It also requires the state to create a database to track the issuance of permits.

The new law, passed in a House committee, does not specifically address whether gun owners can purchase a gun at a gun show.

The bill, which passed the committee on a party-line vote, would also have created a special gun licensing authority that would have given state police the authority to stop anyone carrying a gun outside of the bounds of a place of religious worship.

The bill also includes an expansion of the list of gun licenses that can be issued.

It would allow anyone to carry a concealed firearm in a place where guns are not allowed, including a public library, church, museum, and any other public place.

The law also creates a new category of concealed carry license, a limited-carry license, that would allow an individual to carry one gun in a business or office without a permit.

The law would allow a person who meets all of the other requirements to get a concealed weapon permit.

Gun owners who live outside of Georgia’s borders and do not want to be required to purchase a permit, or who want to purchase one at the state gun store, can apply online or at the Department of Public Safety.

In Georgia, those who want a concealed-carry permit must go through a background check.

The state also has created a new concealed carry database, which will include information on permit holders who have been issued a concealed gun license, as well as those who have received a concealed permit and are awaiting their license renewal.

The Department of State is still processing applications and is working on a new database that would make it easier for people to obtain permits and to purchase them, spokesman Mark McCarty said.

The department has already completed its online database, he said, adding that the department has received more than 500 applications since it created the database.

McCarthy said that under the law, those with a concealed pistol license would be able to bring a handgun into a church or a school.

The Department of Social Services would be the last person to verify that a permit holder has a valid permit.

The Georgia State Patrol also has started reviewing applications to allow those with concealed carry licenses to carry in certain locations, McCarty added.

McCrarty said that while the department is still working on the database, it is working to update the law so that permit holders can still purchase guns in churches.

“We are actively working with our law enforcement partners to make sure they are complying with the law and making sure that they can carry guns in church,” McCarty told reporters.

McMcCarty also said that if a permit is denied, the permit holder must get a new permit within 60 days.

He said that would require obtaining a permit from the state police.

“That person can get a handgun license and they can go to the Georgia State Police,” McCararty said, noting that the state is working with its law enforcement counterparts to update their records.

The Associated Press

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