Police force investigating claims Benford’s Law is not enforceable

Police in Queensland say they are investigating claims a court case involving a family’s wrongful death over an old house has not been complied with.

Key points:A family’s lawsuit claims they were not provided with information about the building, a court hearing is scheduled to take place on FridayPolice are calling for a judicial review of the caseIn the wake of the family’s claims, Queensland’s attorney general is to investigate.

The family of James Benford, who died in his home in Queensland’s south, lodged a wrongful death lawsuit in December 2015.

Benford was aged 90.

The lawsuit said he was forced to sleep in a wooden crate in the living room of the home for 18 months while his family tried to sell it.

He was never told about any plans for a new home and was not provided information about it until the family moved into a new property.

The Benford family said the legal action was unfair.

The case was brought by the Benfords and their lawyer, Alan McCallum, against the property’s owner and a building contractor.

The property is currently used by a community group for the homeless.

Mr McCallu said police had been contacted by the family, who were disappointed that their case had not been heard.

“We’re not disappointed because we’ve been doing the right thing,” he said.

“They’ve been providing us with a full and accurate history of the building.”

A court hearing for the case is scheduled for Friday.

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