California’s beer law could cost beer makers a lot of money

The state’s Beer and Wine Tax Act, passed in 2016, has created an interesting loophole for beer makers, since it allows brewers to deduct their production costs.

The law does allow for a limited deduction, however, as the deduction is limited to $500,000 of brewery profits per year.

As of today, that limit applies to breweries that make more than $500 million per year, and it’s only $500 for breweries that have grossed less than $1 million per beer.

If you’re a brewery with more than that, it’s likely that your deductibility could be even more restrictive.

This week, the state’s Liquor Control Board approved a rule that will require brewers to provide a detailed breakdown of their beer sales in order to calculate their allowable deduction.

The measure will go into effect July 1.

The rules are part of a larger effort by the state to crack down on the industry, and the proposed rule is one of many aimed at curbing some of the abuse of the tax break.

The state estimates that its beer tax exemption will save brewers at least $500 billion in tax revenue over the next decade.

The Beer Tax Relief Act of 2017 is set to go into the state Senate on Tuesday, and will be subject to a vote before it’s signed into law.

The bill aims to provide tax relief to small and independent brewers, as well as the state and local governments that provide tax revenue to them.

It also aims to eliminate tax breaks for the largest brewers, like the “Double C” tax, that have cost the state billions.

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