When do people in Texas have to prove they’re white?

A group of men gathered in front of the state Capitol building on Monday to argue about the constitutionality of a law banning people from using the name ‘Lemon’ and other racial slurs in Texas.

The law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott, who has been a staunch opponent of the practice of using the color of the skin in public, a policy that’s been criticized by some conservatives as a racial slur.

Under the law, those who say they’re Lemon, like the men in the group, will have to take a test to prove their skin is Lemon white.

But if they pass the test, they can still use the word in private conversations.

A group of law students, led by David Sorensen, wrote on Facebook: “This is a case where the constitution is not meant to be a check on white supremacy, but a tool to protect minority communities.”

In Texas, the only people who have to use the name Lemon are people of color.

But there are a number of other people who use the term Lemon, including Black and Hispanic people who live in Texas, and some of the country’s top Black politicians.

In addition to the state, other states are considering banning the use of the term ‘Lemons’ in public.

A similar law in Louisiana passed in January, which went into effect on March 1.

In that case, people of Color must take a separate test to determine if they are Lemon white or Lemon black.

There are also a number states that have passed laws that require people of all colors to take separate tests.

In Utah, it requires a test for Lemon or Lemon Black.

In Missouri, it includes a separate testing requirement for Lemon and Lemon Black for a non-whites.

But a spokesperson for Texas’ attorney general, Greg Abbott said the state would defend the law.

“The attorney general of Texas, in consultation with our law enforcement partners, is reviewing the law and will defend it vigorously,” the spokesperson said.

“We will also defend the Texas law to the fullest extent of the law.”

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