Former Texas governor ‘a serial liar,’ attorney says

Trafalgar Law Firm has issued a statement defending the embattled former governor of Texas, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, who resigned earlier this month amid a growing controversy over his use of private email.

The statement by a Trafalgars law firm is the first public response from the law firm, which is representing former Texas Gov.

Rick Perry over his firing from the office of the governor.

The statement, issued Tuesday, also says the former governor has not been disciplined and has been in regular contact with the firm.

The attorney, David Trafalger, is the former president of the law firms firm that has handled Perry’s divorce, divorce and child custody cases.

The firm’s statement says Perry was “the victim of a concerted effort to discredit and undermine the credibility of the office that he led, the legal system and the integrity of the profession.”

“The governor has accepted responsibility for his conduct, and he has accepted full responsibility for the consequences of his actions, including his own,” the statement says.

The law firm says Perry has not made a “fearful attempt to cover up or obstruct” his wrongdoing.

Perry, now a state senator, is accused of inappropriately using his personal email account for state business and using private email to conduct state business while serving as governor.

The former governor said last month that he was stepping down after admitting he used his personal account to conduct official business while he was in office.

He was not disciplined.

Percy said the emails were meant to be private and he used them for personal reasons.

His lawyers say they are not seeking to silence Perry and have said he is entitled to his privacy.

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