What You Need to Know About NYS Common Law School Law

The New York City law school, Brooklyn Law School, has had a tough year.Last year, a law professor, Eric Goldman, was arrested for attempting to bribe a reporter with $10,000 in cash.In June, a professor was arrested and charged with fraud after he tried to pay for a newspaper reporter’s visit with $1,000.In November, another […]

A New Law of Supply and Demand

The New York Times is reporting on the first ever cryptocurrency law, which states that:1) the supply of digital currencies must be limited to 10% of the total supply.2) no digital currency can be more than $100,000.3) digital currency cannot be used for anything but a purchase or a transfer of value.The article states that, […]

How Chicago’s gun ban affected the country’s economy

The Illinois state legislature voted on Wednesday to require gun owners to be licensed to carry their weapons, an action that is expected to be controversial.The bill is opposed by the Chicago Police Department, which has long opposed the measure and said it would prevent law enforcement from enforcing the state’s gun laws.The measure passed […]

How to write your own legal theory

An important lesson in legal theory from the past 20 years.1 / 12 Business Insider A good lawyer needs to be able to describe his or her theory in simple, straightforward terms.Theoretical work needs to stand on its own.But in the real world, this doesn’t always happen.In this video, we’ll walk through the basics of […]

How a federal judge’s ruling will affect you

BERNARD BENFORD has a lot to do with the fate of his client.The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down part of a California law that requires a convicted felon to serve time in a halfway house before being eligible for release.The law, which took effect in November, was the first federal law aimed at helping […]

Hacker News

Hacker News – Little’s Law: The “Harvard Law School” article Harvard Law School, which has just announced that it will be closing its doors for good, has a big news story about a law school that it had been trying to get in its news for years: Little’s law school.In case you missed it, here’s […]

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