New Jersey gun laws could be expanded to include toddlers

NEW JERSEY — Lawmakers are working on a bill that would allow toddlers to legally carry a gun.

New Jersey lawmakers are working to make it legal for toddlers to carry guns.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie signed an executive order last week that expands the state’s gun laws to include the age of 14 and requires school districts to provide students with gun safety training.

New York also has the toughest laws on concealed carry in the country, and Christie signed a bill allowing adults to carry firearms at work.

New Hampshire Gov.

Maggie Hassan is pushing for a bill similar to Cuomo’s that would expand the state law to include children.

Sen. John Wisniewski, D-Newark, is introducing the “New Jersey Child Carry and Gun Laws” bill.

“The state has a tremendous amount of child safety issues and gun safety issues, and it’s important that we work together,” Wisniewicz said.

Wisniewsky says New Jersey is a good state to work in, but it’s hard to say what the law would look like.

He thinks it could include a provision that would require parents to give their child a gun safety certificate, or a permit that would show the child has an active permit and would allow the child to carry a firearm at school.

“There are some parents who want to have a gun, but they don’t want their child to have it,” Wisneriewski said.

“I think this is a very reasonable and reasonable bill,” he said.

State Sen. John DeSantis, a Democrat who is sponsoring the bill, said he believes the proposal could pass with broad bipartisan support.

“This is about the safety of children and adults, and we should be working together to make sure we don’t create barriers that could create problems down the road,” DeSantsis said.

New Brunswick, New Hampshire and Maine have the toughest child gun laws in the nation, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The bill in New Jersey, which has the lowest number of gun deaths per capita of any state, would allow kids to bring guns in their car seat if they’re older than 14 and have a parent present.

The law would also allow people to carry weapons in public without a permit.

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