Legal action for ‘chocolate’ in ‘Crocodile’ movie

Legal action against film producer Shashi Tharoor over ‘Chocolate’ article The film company behind the film ‘Cocodile’, has been ordered to pay Rs 2.8 crore in compensation to an actress who was allegedly raped by the producer Shashikant Tharur.

The film’s producer, Shashi Jain, is alleged to have raped her on the set of ‘Choco-Mama’ in 2016.

“A team of lawyers and activists filed a civil case in a Delhi court against the producer, alleging that the film has defamed the reputation of a woman and tarnished her image,” the complaint filed by the lawyer Kishore Kumar, said.

It said the actress was raped by Jain when she was in a private room with him and another actor on the production floor.

The complaint alleged that the producers tried to silence the actress, who had accused him of sexual harassment.

“It is our firm conviction that a producer can have a reputation of sexual misconduct by any other person,” it said.

The complainant filed the complaint in March 2017.

The producer was initially arrested by police in November 2016.

He was released on bail but later convicted in January 2018 and sentenced to a life imprisonment.

The case has been filed by a group of lawyers including Gaurav Kapoor, who is the lead counsel in the civil case.

“The actress was on the floor with him when he raped her and he raped another person,” said Kapoor.

The actress is seeking a non-punishment in the case and has been demanding that her name be included in the film’s credits.

The production company, AICC Films, has denied the allegations and has said that “the matter has been resolved”.

The actor, however, has taken legal action against the company, accusing the producer of “false and defamatory” statements in the complaint.

AICCM Films is a joint venture between Shashi Mehta and Kisho Sharma.

The movie was released in February this year.

“In the complaint, the producer had said that he did not rape the actress and that she was just a guest,” the complainant said.

“However, the film, which is set in Delhi, is based on the fictional story of a young woman, who has been sexually harassed by a producer on the same film set,” the lawyer said.

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