How to stop a ‘loud bang’ at your home

HONOLULU — You’ve probably seen a loud bang from your home, an explosion, or a loud thud in your backyard.

All of those things can trigger an alarm if someone is inside.

But there are some ways to avoid a loud boom at your property.1.

Leave a soundproof door or window to stop any explosion.

If someone tries to bang your door or break through the window, you can block the sound with a sound barrier.2.

Get rid of your doorbell.

A loud bang can trigger a response from your alarm system.

The device can also be used to scare off intruders, which could help prevent someone from entering your home.3.

Keep your windows closed.

If you’re in a house with two or more windows, it may be best to keep one closed to reduce the possibility of someone getting in.4.

Close your garage door.

The sound from the garage door is the loudest part of the alarm.

It can also trigger an emergency response from the police.5.

Use a curtain or curtain rod to prevent the door from banging against a wall.

If the door is still banging after you’ve closed the door, you may want to consider using a curtain rod.6.

Don’t let your dog or cat out of the yard.

This may not be a problem if your dog has a barking collar or leash.

But, if your cat or dog is roaming freely in the neighborhood, it’s not a good idea to let it out of your home at night.7.

Don’s a dog walker.

If your dog is a member of a family with dogs, it could be a good time to let him or her out of sight of neighbors.

If he or she starts barking or running at a loud sound, call 911 and give him or she a chance to get into your house.8.

Use your dog leash to get the door open if someone tries knocking at your door.

If it’s a loud noise, open the door.9.

If a neighbor tries to knock at your front door, give them a chance.

You might also want to give your neighbors a chance if they’re at a bar or restaurant.10.

If there’s a lot of noise, call the local police.

If they’re not on duty, they may have to respond to your emergency call.11.

If an emergency occurs at your house, call your local police department.

If your home is under a fire or flood protection order, your neighbors may have a right to enter your home if the order is not complied with.

If this is the case, call local fire and rescue for help.

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