How to judge a law school rankings

The rankings are based on the median score of law schools that applied to the 2016 edition of the American Bar Association’s national bar exam.

The median score is the average score of all law schools in the country and is calculated based on a sample of all students who passed the exam, not all students that took the exam.

These rankings are published each year and do not take into account any special requirements that law schools might offer.

The rankings also do not include a ranking of the quality of the law school itself.

The bar exam was introduced in 1964 and is administered by the National Association of Bar Examiners.

A law school is considered a “law school” if the law schools have a faculty member who holds a law degree, or the law programs that provide legal services to individuals, or if the school is accredited by the American Council on Education or a private university.

The American Bar Institute is the nation’s largest academic accrediting body.

The top 10 law schools received average scores of 101.9 out of a possible 100 points on the test, according to the most recent data available.

Law schools with the highest median scores include the University of Texas Law School, the University at Buffalo Law School and New York University Law School.

Law School Rankings Law schools ranked by median scores, 2016 Law schools in alphabetical order: 1.

University of Virginia, 2.

University at Albany, 3.

Harvard Law School (UPenn), 4.

Yale Law School 6.

American University, 7.

George Mason, 8.

Stanford University, 9.

University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 10.

University At Buffalo,

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