What if martial law ended tomorrow?

If the United States of America was in the middle of a national emergency and its government were to declare martial law and close down, what would be the consequences?

Would the lawlessness end?

Would we still be allowed to practice our religion, practice our speech, practice certain professions?

And would we still have access to the internet?

This is the question that has been raised in response to a proposed constitutional amendment to change the way Americans choose to live.

But the proposed constitutional change is not without precedent, and there are plenty of examples of what has been called a “gun to the head” approach to law enforcement.

When Massachusetts enacted a law in 2005 requiring that police officers be licensed to carry concealed handguns, the state’s legislature declared that the law was aimed at reducing the number of law-abiding citizens who are likely to attempt armed robbery, rape, and other violent crimes.

The proposed constitutional amendments in several states have attempted to address this trend, but there is no clear consensus on what would happen if martial rule were to end.

And while the idea that martial law would end is not new, there is a growing body of literature on the topic.

What is less clear is what would actually happen to all of us if the United State were to have martial law?

Would all of our rights be lost?

Would our freedoms be preserved?

Or would we be reduced to living in a police state?

And even if we are given the option to exercise our freedom to exercise it without fear of losing it, will that mean we can’t exercise it?

Would there be an end to the police state and its oppressive police departments?

Would it be possible to return to normal life, or is it just a matter of time before our civil liberties are severely curtailed?

The answers to these questions are unclear, but the consequences of a government shutdown are bound to be severe, and the constitutional amendment process is an extremely time consuming and expensive process.

What would happen when the United Kingdom is in a similar situation?

Would martial law end?

And what would it mean to the people of the United Kingdon?

Will we still feel safe?

What would that mean for the people and the economy of our own country?

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