How to Know if You Have Harassment in Law School

In this exclusive interview, Harvard Law professor David Abrams explains how you can tell if your professors have harassed you in the past. 

Abrams, who is now a partner at Mayer Brown, has been a professor of law at Harvard Law School for 30 years.

He told Newsweek that it’s important to remember that a professor doesn’t have to do anything to harass a student.

“There is no requirement for a faculty member to physically or verbally harass a colleague, and it is not a violation of the law for a professor to intentionally or knowingly make disparaging comments about another professor or student,” Abrams said.

“Even if the professor may not intend to be abusive or discriminatory, he or she still needs to be aware of the potential impact of his or her conduct.”

The law school also offers a free, online, confidential resource called TheHarvardList to help students avoid the dangers of harassment.

Abrams said he’s had students who have told him they don’t want to go to law school anymore because they fear that their professors will harass them.

“I tell them to ask their professors about it and get advice from lawyers about it,” Abrams told Newsweek.

“This will teach them that this is not an acceptable course of conduct, and if they have an argument that he or her is not behaving in a good way, they can ask the professors to step in and correct the issue.”

Abrams said there are also resources online like the Harvard Law List, which provides a list of current professors and other resources to avoid the “misogynistic” behavior.

He also says it’s worth checking with the Harvard Business School, which has a list that includes some professors who are known to be harassers.

Abrams also recommends that students check out a free app called the Harvard List.

The app allows users to look at the professors that are on the list and search for specific incidents.

Abrams says it makes it easier to avoid professors that have harassed other students.

“The list is an excellent way to find out about a professor’s reputation,” Abrams explained.

“It shows you the people on the faculty, so you know who’s been accused of inappropriate behavior.”

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