How to get away with being a paedophile in Australia

A young Australian couple is on trial for “poeslaw” and “policing” after they were accused of having a child out of wedlock and “sexually abusing” a 16-year-old boy.

Poeslaw is a term used to describe a sexual act in which an adult male or female engages in sexual activity with a child younger than 16.

Pedophiles are often accused of engaging in paedophilia, but the term is not specifically defined in Australian law.

A number of paedophiles have been convicted in Australia under the “poe law” because the offence is defined by the Australian Criminal Code.

The law allows for life imprisonment without parole for people who sexually abuse a child, but only after being convicted of a “proe law”.

Poe laws in Australia can be applied to any sexual activity that occurs outside of a relationship or between adults and children, such as kissing, fondling, touching, or masturbation.

In some cases, it may be possible for the offending individual to have been charged with “possession of child pornography”, which is a very serious offence.

If the offending person is convicted, they can be sentenced to up to life in prison without parole.

According to the ABC, the couple was charged in December after a judge ruled that the teenager’s father should be charged with possession of child porn, as he had “no connection to child abuse”.

The judge also ordered the father to pay $4,000 in costs.

While the judge ordered the boy to pay for the costs of the case, the boy’s mother was told to “pay up”.

“He’s going to pay up,” the woman said.

“If you can’t pay up then you have no say in the matter.”

The ABC reports that the judge had to decide between two alternatives, either the father would have to pay a $2,500 penalty, or the boy would have the case dismissed.

But the judge ruled against the boy, saying it was “highly unlikely” the father was responsible for child pornography, as the “prosecution is very weak”.

A spokesman for the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, told the ABC the family were “trying to put their family life and their relationship back together”.

He said that while there was no suggestion that the parents engaged in child pornography “they should not be penalised for that”.

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