US and UK strike UK law in response to US military coup

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the government will introduce legislation to strike down a controversial UK law that will enable the government to prosecute journalists who cover up US military coups.Lawmakers in the UK parliament are to consider a motion that would make it illegal to “deliberately publish material in a way that […]

How to find a lawyer in Queensland?

Queensland has become the first state in Australia to ban “fear mongering” in public spaces, after a group of local residents gathered at the State Parliament to demand that the Federal Government make it legal to speak out against hate crimes.The event was organised by the “Queensland Anti-Bullying Coalition” to demand a ban on people […]

When does the law start to affect you?

There are two main aspects of the hipaa system: 1.The law which governs the operation of the courts and criminal procedure, and 2.The rule of law which regulates the conduct of civil affairs.It is the latter which has been the subject of much controversy.In the past, the law was seen as a tool to control […]

How to win in a war of words

A U.S. soldier is dead after a battle with a sniper outside a military base in Nuremberg, Germany, where a U.N. panel is conducting its first investigation into war crimes.A U-shaped mark has been carved into the soldier’s skull.The U.K.-based BBC News said that a German military official confirmed the death of the U.R.N., which […]

How to interpret gun laws in New Jersey

The New Jersey Legislature has taken a step in the right direction in reducing gun violence.The bill signed by Gov.Chris Christie, which passed the Assembly this week, prohibits the sale of “assault weapons,” but allows for certain firearms that would not otherwise be legal under state law to be sold.The state has not yet issued […]

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