Why do you have to buy expensive electronics?

We’re constantly told to buy more expensive electronics, and that’s great.The reason we buy more is because the technology is good.But we’ve been told that buying a better product is a bad idea. The latest example is Marshalls new smartphone, the M4. This $100 smartphone has a 13-megapixel camera, a Snapdragon 835 processor, and the Snapdragon 800.All of […]

When a natural law theory is invoked in the US

When a person who is a natural-law theorist is referred to as a “natural-law professor” or “natural law professor” the phrase “natural laws” is often used to refer to the laws that govern a person’s behavior.When that is done, it is not always clear how this phrase applies to natural law theories.Natural law theories were […]

Georgia gun laws in flux

In a state where some gun owners are still waiting for the law to change, one gun owner in Georgia says he has found that even if he had a concealed carry permit, he may still be denied a permit to buy a gun because of the state’s gun laws.Gun rights advocates in Georgia say […]

How to use Newton’s three Laws of Motion

If you are looking to get the most out of your Newton’s 3D printer, you need to be familiar with the Laws of MOTION, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office.These Laws of motion describe how an object in motion moves in a straight line.They are also used in automotive design and automotive components.You […]

When will the EPA regulate the gas market?

When will Congress take up the EPA’s proposed gas law and begin regulating the market for natural gas?We’re not in a free-for-all market, but the law’s proposed regulations could make life difficult for both natural gas companies and their customers.The new law would require companies to meet federal pollution standards.The EPA’s proposal would have the […]

Which New York City Laws Have the Most Law Synonyms?

New York law doesn’t allow for the possibility of the city being taken over by an alien invasion.So, law synonyms are created.But which are the most egregious?The Law Dictionary. The Law Dictionary says:Synonyms are a collection of law and statutory definitions of a word or phrase.The words that form a synonym are often derived from similar […]

Which Laws Apply to Dating Apps?

What laws apply to dating apps?This question has been posed on various forums, and has spawned countless discussions.We’ve tried to answer this question in a few ways, and have tried to give as much guidance as possible.Let’s get started!What Are Dating Apps Legal?Some courts have found that apps that collect data from users are in […]

How to Keep a gun in your car

Texas’ controversial gun law was enacted in 2015 after a series of mass shootings, but it’s been a long, drawn-out process.A recent bill aims to ease the burden of obtaining and carrying a gun, but the law has also become a flashpoint for gun rights activists, gun owners and gun-rights advocates who argue that it […]

The Second California Law: What you need to know

A bill that would expand California’s concealed carry law, and a measure that would make it easier for Californians to obtain concealed carry permits, passed the state Assembly on Wednesday.The measure would allow Californians over the age of 21 to carry concealed weapons without a permit, and make it a misdemeanor for a person under […]

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